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Launching, Filling And Running A Mastermind Is The Fastest, Easiest, And Most Joyful Way To Attract More Clients, Earn More Money And Grow Your Business So That You Escape The Time For Money Trap And Add $100,000+ To Your Income NOW! ... This Program Will Show You How!
Special Message From Jay Fiset...
Dear Expert And Entrepreneur...

Do you feel like you're working too hard in your business yet not making enough MONEY?

Are you tired of chasing after new clients, trading time for money, and struggling to create the financial abundance and freedom you desire?

Well you're not alone...

I used to be in the same boat and despite being passionate about my message, I STRUGGLED to make the money I really wanted and I got DISCOURAGED.

It was FRUSTRATING having a message to share and knowing that I could truly help people, but then being STUCK working too hard and not making enough.

You see, most experts, messengers and coaches STRUGGLE to get their message out there, to attract the clients they want, and to make any real money.
Did you know that most "COACHES" and experts make less than 28,000 per year?
That's because they are stuck in the time for money trap, have NO SYSTEM for attracting new clients and aren't clear on how to truly grow their business.


Many people also end up believing the "I just need 3 more clients" LIE and this keeps them stuck, struggling, and always chasing after people.

Now, don't get me wrong, getting three more clients will be great BUT it won't really solve your problem because you'll still be chasing people and trading time for money...
MANY years ago I got tired of trading time for money and always struggling to find new clients so I made the commitment to find a better way.
After diving in and investing tons of time, energy and money to find a better way I realized that by trading VALUE for money and working one-on-MANY, instead of one-on-one, I could ESCAPE the time for money trap and exponentially grow my business AND my income, while still making a HUGE impact.

I took a LONG TIME... but I finally figured it out.
I started launching and running MASTERMINDS and working one-on-MANY instead of one-on-one and when I did it successfully I worked my way up to MILLIONS of dollars per year in my business.

Now I want to help you do the same, so that you can earn more money, help more people and have a whole lot more free time.


Because I know what it's like to struggle....I know what it's like to have a message that you are passionate about, and want to serve people with, but be STUCK when it comes to finding new clients who will pay, and I know what it's like to be working really hard and not getting the results you want.

I figured out a faster, easier, better way and I want to share that with you now so that success can come faster, easier, and more joyfully for you too!
The Fastest, Easiest, Most Joyful Way To Attract More Clients, Earn More Money And Grow Your Business Is... To Launch And Run A MASTERMIND!
When you are trading time for money the amount of income you can earn is limited, and so is your ability to have a lifestyle of freedom. When you launch and run a successful and profitable mastermind you escape the time-for-money trap and are able to make a whole lot more money AND have a whole lot more free time.
That's what is possible when you run a mastermind...

You start trading VALUE for money instead of TIME and you're then able to easily and quickly add 6-figures to your business like I do consistently.

I've been doing this for over 25 years now and consistently add 6 figures to my business over and over again by launching masterminds.
I've done it at the low end (As low as $97/month), I've done it in the mid range ($5,000) and I've done it at a high level ($25,000+).

I've made alot of mistakes along the way and have learned what works and what doesn't.

You see, there are a ton of "masterminds" out there and most of them fizzle out or die after just a few months. You've probably seen this before.

That is because there are 6 fundamental pillars that are absolutely necessary to run a successful and profitable mastermind in your business long term.

If you are missing even just one of these 6 fundamental pillars your mastermind is doomed to fail and come crashing down.

Fortunately I've already made all the mistakes for you and discovered these 6 pillars that you must master in order to run a successful mastermind and easily add $100,000 or more to your business over and over again.
These 6 pillars are the foundation of my "Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp" program where you get my personal support for 90 days and you learn EVERYTHING you need to know to launch a mastermind group now and escape the time for money trap in your business.

When you join me in the Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp you get my support for 90 days to learn and implement everything that is necessary for successful masterminds so that you can quickly and easily get yours off the ground, filled with clients, and generating cash.
We have some people who have filled a mastermind and started making alot more money even after just the first training.

It can happen FAST and that's exactly what I want for you when you say "YES" to joining the program.
IMAGINE what it will be like to have a simple system for easily attracting high quality clients and a strategy that converts like crazy?

What will it be like when you don't even have to try any more and clients come to you naturally instead of you having to go out chasing them?

Imagine what it will be like to have a group of 5 or 10 or 25 people who all love and adore you, appreciate your for the massive value you bring into their lives and PAY YOU over and over again for your support.
Imagine what it will be like when your time commitment in your business is cut in HALF but the money you earn DOUBLES or more. What will that extra freedom feel like?

Well it's all possible and when you launch and run successful masterminds you escape the time for money trap, exponentially increase your income and can create a life of true freedom and abundance.

Sound good to you?

When you join the program you're going to get 7 LIVE training calls with me where I will be guiding you and supporting you to implement all of the training from the 6 modules.  (Our program kicks off the week of May 1st and all these calls are recorded, in case you miss one)

These calls will also be an opportunity for Questions and Answers so that you overcome all of your challenges and can move quickly with the implementation of the program and start getting more clients and earning more money NOW.
About The Event:

Mastermind To MIllions LIVE is a 3 day event where you will get very hands-on, high level training from several different experts on how to launch and run successful masterminds in your business so that you can escape the time for money trap and easily add 6 figures to your income. 

When you attend you will get in-depth support on how to properly position yourself for higher fees and more money; How to be a great facilitator and leader that commands the attention of any room and builds a massive following, and on the more intricate details of attracting ideal clients into your business.

As a member of the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp who enrolled in the spring of 2015 you got a complimentary ticket to attend this event AND an additional ticket to bring a friend as well. To reserve your seat please click on the button below, make a small refundable seat deposit which will be returned to you at the event, and then you'll be all set and your spot will be held.
What You Will Learn:
Here's more about the in depth training you'll get when you register...
Module #1: Perfect Positioning
In module #1 you will discover the importance of POSITIONING and master the 3 vital elements that make communicating about and selling your mastermind EASY.
  • How To Position Yourself: You will gain clarity on your expertise and position yourself as the expert and go-to person for the value that you provide.
  • How To Position Your Group: You will get clear on your messaging of who the group is for, the problem that you solve in the marketplace, and the mechanics of what you will be delivering.  
  • Choosing Your Business Model: You will build the foundation and structure of your program so that you know exactly what you are providing to your clients and at what price point so that you have clarity, certainty and conviction in what you offer.
Module #2:  Becoming A Powerful Leader
Most masterminds fail because the leader is not the strong powerful person that they must be in order to work one-on-many and control the dynamics of the group. In module #2 you will get all of the tools to become the most powerful version of yourself and a strong confident leader that others want to follow.
  • In this module you will complete an honest and comprehensive assessment of who you are in relationships to who you want to attract and lead so that you can adjust in order to create the results that you want.
  • You will discover how to become the most powerful and authentic version of yourself so that you easily attract all of the right clients to you and never have to go chasing after anyone again.
  • You will learn the tools so showing up fully and building deep meaningful relationships so that clients sign up once, and then want to stay with you forever and sign up for every program you offer.
Module #3: Filling Your Mastermind
In module #3 you will discover the simple strategy for easily filling your mastermind with your ideal clients even if you don't understand technology or currently have a big list
  • You will discover how to build upon modules #1 and #2 and position yourself and your mastermind in a way that it almost builds itself.
  • You will also learn the simple strategy and how to specifically target the people you want in your mastermind and avoid the people that you don't so that you only spend time talking to the RIGHT people. 
  • You will get the step by step system for building high touch, high value relationships where people quickly get to know you, like you and trust you so that they feel comfortable making the decision to work with you and paying you for your mastermind.
Module #4: Creating High Level Commitment
One of the biggest challenges when running masterminds and even working with one-on-one clients is getting them to "STICK" and keep their commitments long term. In module #4 you'll discover exactly how to create an extremely high retention rate that keeps your clients enrolled and RE-enrolling at every opportunity.
  • You will learn the most important strategy for truly gaining leverage through your masterminds so that you provide a ton of value to your members, retain them in the group, and have more freedom without having to chase new clients all the time
  • You will discover and implement to 9 commitment creating processes that when integrated into your marketing, filter and delivering processes create a high level of commitment and engagement from your group
  • You will also begin implementing strategies in your business that create life-long clients who get amazing results and become not just raving fans who refer a ton of clients, but great friends with deep meaningful relationships.
Module #5: Building Powerful Facilitator Skills
Module #5 is a GAME CHANGER because this ONE SKILL is the MOST IMPORTANT when it comes to providing massive value to your members, supporting them in getting great results that keep them coming back for more, and turning them into life long clients that refer all their friends.
  • When you join the program and do this module you will learn how to control a room, how to create the most powerful environment for your objectives and how to create the most value for your members.
  • You will discover the "art of the ask" - how to ask the right question at the right time that leads your member to creating the most powerful experience for themselves as possible which will make them love you even more.
  • You will also get a step by step frame work for facilitating powerful hotseats that blow your clients minds, a system for drawing out the real goals, issues and areas of support from each member, and how to create an environment of support where each member supports one another. When your group becomes like a family, you'll have life-long clients forever.
Module #6: Creating Compelling Content
Every mastermind must have compelling content in order to provide valuable information to the member but not too much and not too little. It is essential to provide the right amount and to create the environment that members derive value from each other.
  • In this module you will learn how to create a powerful and memorable experience in 30-40 minute power segments that empowers your participants to implement what is being taught and get results.
  • You will discover how to find and create content that is of high value to your members and how to put it into a framework that is easy to teach and easy to be understood and acted upon by your members.
  • You will also learn how to deliver your content in the larger context of your program so that members get exactly what they want when they want it and you can support them at the highest level.
And this is just the BEGINNING of what you'll get when you join the program.

The "Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp" is different than every other training program out there because it is very interactive and hands on with a focus on IMPLEMENTATION and RESULTS.

This is not simply information... it is coaching and support so that you can quickly and easily launch your mastermind, fill it with ideal clients, and make a ton of money.

If you're ready for a higher level of ease and freedom and joy in your life, join me for the Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp.
Get All This When You Take Action Today And Join The
"Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp"

6 Training Modules - Fundamental Pillars of Successful Masterminds - $1997 Value
When you register today you'll get access to the 6 training modules of the fundamental pillars of successful masterminds. Most masterminds fail because they do not have ALL 6 of these pillars. When you go through this program you'll gain a deep understanding of each pillar and the tolls to implement it so that your masterminds quickly become a lasting success.
7 Live Coaching And Training Calls With Jay Fiset - $1997 Value
When you register today you'll get access to the 7 live coaching and training calls that I host during your 90-day program. Each call following the welcome call will be focused on one of the 6 pillars and supporting you on a higher level to implement the information and get RESULTS.

These calls will be very interactive and you'll have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered and get one-on-one coaching and support from me. (All calls will be recorded in case you miss one.)
12 Months Access To Out Private Online Mastermind Community - $997 Value
You'll be blown away by the value you'll get by being a part of this community. This is a place to connect with other members, with our Masterminds Mentors, and with me for additional support, questions and guidance in launching and running your masterminds, attracting more clients, and making more money. You're going to love the community here!
The 'Mastermind Essentials' 4-Hour Training
When you enroll in the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp you will also get immediate access to this special 4 hour training focused on the core fundamentals of launching and running a successful mastermind. This training will support in starting the Bootcamp from a place of understanding and knowledge so that you get the most value and biggest possible results from the Bootcamp.
$  497 Value
What Others Are Saying...
Pol Cousineau
Robin Keehn
John Ramstead
"Within 30 days of starting I had formed one mastermind group online and have another high-end in-person mastermind already forming. Conservatively over the next year it’s going to add almost $200,000 to my bottom line. Thank you Jay!"
-  John Ramstead

"All I can say is THANK YOU! After having only watched your first Mastermind to Millions training video I was ready to launch my first mastermind and stop THINKING about it like I had been for months. I took ACTION and launched it within the next two days... The exciting part... I had 8 of the 10 spots filled within only 24 hours. You provided the inspiration and 'how-to' that I was able ot make it happen. You ROCK! Can't wait to see you at the live training event!" - Carol Schulte
"Jay's Mastermind Bootcamp was the best decision I made this year. It provided me with a step-by-step detailed guide to positioning myself, talking to people, filling my Mastermind and running it with confidence. My first mastermind group has been meeting for three months now and the transformations are already happening and a wonderful community of support is developing." - Robin  Keehn
"Thank You Jay! Thank you for helping me see how easy it is to escape the time for money trap by running a mastermind. Before meeting you literally ALL of my income came from being present with my clients one-on-one and it was very tiring. After doing your program I put two masterminds together, each with 10 people paying $97 per month. Now I make an extra $24,000 per year JUST from working 2 evenings a MONTH. Thank you so much!" - Marco Iafrate
"In the last 90 Days I have earned $73,000 in masterminds and one-on-one coaching all because of Jay's Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp, AND I have another $15,000 in agreements. Thank you so much Jay! " - Pol Cousineau
"This fundamentally changed how I do my business… I was able to combine my heart with my business and the first thing that happened was that I created a mastermind of women who signed up as soon as they got to experience what I was sharing." - Victoria Brown

Thomas Blackwell - Infusionsoft
Thomas Blackwell travels the world as a high demand speaker and inspires small business owners on how to automate their sales and marketing in order to dominate their market. 

In his presentation on Lifecycle Marketing you will discover how to automate the little things in your business so that you can be present for the big things and how to set up business systems that revolve around your life instead of your life revolving around your business.
Justin Livingston - Co-Founder, Lucrative Luminary
Justin Livingston is a master when it comes to the art and science of building a global audience for your transformational message. A former MMA Fighter - Justin now specializes in helping Transformational Leaders grow their businesses for maximum Impact, Inspiration & Income.

A gifted logician, Justin has been involved in every single significant online launch in his space over the past 2 years... totaling more than $10 Million in sales just over the past 12 months, alone. In his presentation you will discover the secrets to thinking Strategically and Long Term in your business so that you can take it to 7 figures or more.
What's The Investment?
For me, I've invested 10's of 1000's of dollars over my 25 year career in this industry into learning how to launch and run successful masterminds and have invested 100's of 1000's into attending high level masterminds. I know a thing or two about how to launch, fill and run them successfully and want to show you how.
I could easily charge $25,000 for what I am offering you here today but I am called to serve the world and want to make this a "No-Brainer Decision" for you.
The total value of this package is $4,491.00
BUT, you wont have to invest that much...
When you take action today the investment for you to join the "Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp" is going to be ONLY $1,997.00!
That's right!
Only $1,997 and you get access to the 7 live training calls with me, all 6 fundamental pillars training modules, access to the private members forum...

When you take action today by clicking the button at the bottom of this page you'll also get the following LIMITED TIME BONUSES as a reward for taking action...
BONUS #2: The 'Power Of Mission' Training
When you go through this training you will align who you are with your actions in a compelling, "moving-towards" process that fundamentally assists you to be in full alignment and motivated by Love, Purpose and Meaning instead of how most people are motivated... by fear, scarcity and lack .
$  497 Value
BONUS #3: Business Models That Work
Stop using silly strategies and get the 10,000 foot view of how all the elements of your business model can and should work together so that you can create a successful, sustainable, scalable and saleable business.
$  997 Value
BONUS #1: Two Tickets To Attend "Mastermind To Millions LIVE" 
When you attend this 3-day training event you will get very hands on training for taking your masterminds to the next level. You will learn how to find your perfect clients, how to sell at the premium level, and to create a real and lasting business around your Mastermind offers. 
This is a MUST ATTEND event where you will get a high level of hands-on support from me, my business partner and other mastermind experts to position yourself perfectly in the market place, structure your masterminds properly for maximum results, and learn additional marketing strategies to fill your masterminds, grow your business and make a bigger impact in the world. 
(Small $197 refundable seat deposit required to hold your spot)
$1994 Value
BONUS #2:  1-On-1 "Perfect Positioning" Call With A Mastermind Mentor
As an additional bonus for taking action TODAY and joining the Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp you will also get a 1-on-1 coaching session with one of our Mastermind Mentors to work on your "Perfect Positioning". During your one hour call you will get personalized support to get absolutely clear on your positioning... Positioning yourself and your mastermind to attract your ideal clients. If you've already got that handled you'll get support on whatever challenges you are currently facing in your business. The Mastermind Mentor will help you overcome the obstacles in your way and get on track to create big results faster than you thought possible!
$  497 Value
BONUS #3: 1-On-1 "Filtering Script" Call With A Mastermind Mentor
As an additional bonus when you register today for the Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp you will also get an additional Mastermind Mentor 1-On-1 Coaching Session to get personalized support on crafting your filtering script for finding, filtering and enrolling your ideal clients. When you hone your filtering script talking to prospects and potential clients becomes easy and filtering people who are a fit for your mastermind or not becomes effortless. You have the personalized support to get your script dialed in prior to sending it to me for my personal review and feedback.
$  497 Value
BONUS #4: A Personal Review & Feedback On Your Filtering Script By ME!
As an additional bonus for taking action TODAY and joining the Launch Your Mastermind 90-Day Bootcamp you will also get a complimentary coaching session with one of our Mastermind Mentors. During your one hour call you will get personalized support on whatever challenges you are currently facing in your business. The Mastermind Mentor will help you overcome the obstacles in your way and get on track to create big results faster than you thought possible!
$  997 Value
BONUS #5: "Mastermind Marketing Mastery" Online Training
When you join the Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp today you'll also get access to a special online training where you'll discover how to market and sell your mastermind. Using what you'll learn in this training we and our clients have attracted, filtered and enrolled hundreds of clients into our masterminds and generated millions of dollars in sales. This training is not to be missed.
$  997 Value
BONUS #6: The "Mastermind Roadmap" In-Person Mastermind With Me
When you register for the program and join us at Mastermind To Millions LIVE, you and your guest will get special access to a 3-hour mastermind that I will be hosting on the afternoon before the event. When you attend you'll get to connect with other attendees of the event, me & my business partner, and our expert team of mastermind mentors and coaches. You'll get to see how a mastermind really works and get additional training prior to the event
$  997 Value
(This is available to everyone, though there is a vetting process to ensure you're ready and will get the best results from our promotion of you)
NEW BONUS: The "Facebook Freedom Formula" Client Attraction System
When you take action TODAY you will also get access to The Facebook Freedom Formula where you will discover how to turn your free personal Facebook profile into a client attraction system and a cash machine for your business. This is a simple system that you can use for free on Facebook to easily attract new clients for your mastermind & other programs and add an additional $15k - $20k per month to your business. This program works even if you don't have a big list, understand technology or currently have a big following.
$ 997 Value
NEW BONUS: The "Seductive Sales Systems" Online Training
When you take action today before the clock hits zero you'll also get access to this online training program where you'll discover 4 powerful frameworks to use in a sales conversation that almost guarantee the prospect says “YES” to whatever you’re offering. This works in one-on-one conversation and is adaptable to webinars and stage presentations. You’ll also learn the most powerful way to deal with ANY objection someone gives you so you can easily move past it and get the sale. You'll learn the 5 types of objections people have and the 5 step system to overcome each one.
$ 997 Value
NEW BONUS!!! "Six-Figure Launch Secrets" Online Training
When you get this special online training from me and my business partner you will discover the 6 fundamental pillars to running a successful online launch that does six figures or more in sales. 
You will learn exactly how to build the foundation to guarantee success and everything you need to know from timing and team to attracting joint venture partners, creating prizes, commissions and contest. You'll also learn all about the technology required and recommended and the processes for sales conversion so you have people buying your products and programs like crazy!
$  497 Value
NEW BONUS: Guest Ticket To "Mastermind To Millions"
When you register today you'll also get an additional ticket to the Mastermind To Millions LIVE event in Las Vegas December 4th-6th so that you can bring a friend, fellow coach or business partner with you to share in the experience.
$  997 Value
Total Bootcamp Value:
Bonus Package Value:
Today's Discount:
Your Investment Today:
If you're ready for a high level of support and want to launch and run a successful and profitable mastermind so that you can escape the time for money trap, exponentially increase your income and grow your business...
I back up everything I create and my mission is for you to get great results in your life and business. Because we stand behind the quality of the products and services we provide we have a “We Won’t Let You Fail” Guarantee. When you follow the process, complete the homework, and participate in the online community where you can have your questions answered, we guarantee you will have the tools and support to get a mastermind up and running (or greatly improve one you’re already running). If you’re still struggling after completing the 90-day program, one of our expert coaches will personally work with you to help you understand and apply the material so you can get rocking results!
Have questions? Want to talk to a human being? 
Book a time HERE and we'll be happy to support you...
WARNING: If you don't figure out a way to escape the time for money trap and scale your business you'll never make the amount of money that you're capable of and never make the impact you're called to create. NOW is the time for you to step up, say "YES" to your own power and potential and expand your message to the next level. If not, you'll continue to get the same results you've been getting all along.

REMINDER: By taking action today you will get access to the 7 live training calls with me, the 6 fundamental pillars training modules, access to the private members forum, two complimentary tickets to the Mastermind To Millions LIVE event, AND all the other bonuses listed above.

If you're ready to escape the time for money trap, attract more clients and exponentially grow your business, click on the button now and let's launch your mastermind and add 6-figures to your income.
Have questions? Want to talk to one of our Mastermind Mentors before making the decision? 

Reach out at

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